Tuesday, January 8, 2013

what would happen if?

I was thinking the other day when I was watching yet another one of the  "Save" the children,people,everybody...commercials what would happen if they actually succeeded??

so I looked up a few stats and this is what I found:

  • 131.4 million births per year – 55.3 million people die each year
  • 360,000 births per day – 151,600 people die each day
  • 15,000 births each hour – 6316 people die each hour
  • 250 births each minute – 105 people die each minute
you can find these stats at http://www.howmanyarethere.org/how-many-people-die-a-day

this one dates from 2010

According to the Population Reference Bureau's "2010 World Population Data Sheet" (28-Jul-2010), 4.45 people are born every second worldwide, on the average, and 1.8 people die every second.

Another way to look at it is:
  • Per minute: 267 born, 108 die, (net population increase: 159)
  • Per day: 384 thousand born, 156 thousand die, (net increase 229 thousand)
  • Per year: 140.4 million born, 56.7 million die, (net increase 83.6 million)
you can find this at  http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_many_people_are_born_and_how_many_people_die_every_minute

so once again I ask the question based on this information what would happen if all of the organizations  actually succeeded in their stated goals of saving everyone.
How long would the human race survive?

I once had someone ask me "well what justifies you to live and not them?"

My response was then and is now that what justifies life is life;
therefore, if you live while others die the only justification for your life is that you still live while they do not.

So I believe, humans should stop feeling guilty for the fact that they are alive.
Instead of trying to make yourself look/feel better by "helping someone you don't know, will never meet and let's face it only have a superficial "caring" for  since they are strangers why not instead of choosing the safe ethereal path of "I'm trying to save the world"  show some true courage and try to help the ones that you do know?

I believe that if the people of this world started to focus on what they can personally do for the people that they can directly effect and doing it then maybe they would actually be doing something that mattered.

Imagine if you will, if everyone in the world that saw someone who they could help  (I do mean someone right there in front of them not someone they see on TV in someplace they will never go) stopped and actually helped just that one person instead of turning their head and walking away?  What would be the effect?

So while I believe it currently would be a bad idea to "save" every one in the world, why don't we stop feeling guilty that life chose us and focus on what really matters?  Which are the people in front of us here and now not the ethereal "people" out there that we don't even know.